zaza westbrook NBA/威少指控故意傷人

NBA/威少指控故意傷人 ZAZA全身而退
勇士隊中鋒Zaza Pachulia因為在25日比賽面對雷霆隊時壓到對方主將「威少」Russell Westbrook的腿, 今天雷霆出戰勇士的比賽中,Zaza gets the flagrant and stands over Westbrook : nba

NBA/威少指控故意傷人 ZAZA全身而退

勇士隊中鋒Zaza Pachulia因為在25日比賽面對雷霆隊時壓到對方主將「威少」Russell Westbrook的腿,並且否認他試圖傷害他,判決 This topic has 0 則回覆, 1 個參與人, and was last updated 2 years, 11 months 前 by Orochi Kyo. 正在檢視 0 則發表的回覆 作者 文章 2018-03-01 11:31:45 #95317

Is Zaza Pachulia a dirty player? A look back at his worst …

 · After falling on Russell Westbrook intentionally on Saturday night, the league is in an uproar over Zaza Pachulia’s on-court actions. Russ straight out called him a dirty player after the game and was clearly upset about it. In the clip, it is clear to see that Zaza falls on
【Zaza惡意跌坐威少膝蓋 球員群起激憤砲轟】
Zaza再耍小動作引起球員群起激憤,引發「故意受傷」爭議,他表示事件他已經過去,KD 的言論會否令他與 Westbrook 的關係再次惡化?
Zaza,「他是一個笨手笨腳的球員,不想進一步討論或回答有關這個爭議性的任何問題。勇士與雷霆在季後賽前還有一次碰頭,單場投進4顆外線延續個人紀錄,勇士中鋒 Zaza Pachulia 在一個回合中摔倒壓在Westbrook的小腿位置。

Zaza Pachulia vs. Russell Westbrook Comparison

Zaza Pachulia vs. Russell Westbrook Comparison Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Russell Westbrook and Zaza Pachulia that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by
Westbrook Injured by Zaza, OKC vs GSW
Westbrook runs into zaza to injure himself at the Oracle Area

SLAM on Instagram: “Zaza Pachulia takes down …

Zaza Pachulia takes down Westbrook. 218w dave_escalates Severity of fouls dictated by “staring”, a form of eye contact. Weak officiating. 218w Reply mattdaly_2 Flop 218w Reply williamsutanto86 Dirty 218w Reply lancemcc_ Zaza=big rude headed dog 218w

Zaza Pachulia says hard foul on Russell Westbrook was …

1 of 4 Russell Westbrook (0) holds his face after colliding with Zaza Pachulia (27) which was assessed a flagrant 1 foul as the Golden State Warriors played the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oracle
NBA》踩到Zaza腳「翻船」 柯瑞右踝扭傷影片瘋傳(影音)
勇士球星柯瑞(Stephen Curry)今對老鷹攻下28分,Zaza Pachulia在一次爭奪中極不自然的跌倒在Westbrook的膝蓋上,
Russell Westbrook Zaza Pachulia 勇士 雷霆 NBA 3年前 (2018-02-26) 11,182 0 在昨天金州 勇士 對陣奧克拉荷馬 雷霆 的比賽中,並沒有意圖傷害 …

賽後 Zaza Pachulia 已經回應 Westbrook, 先來聽聽雷霆隊友Paul
,現在連其他球員也都出來對Zaza的不乾淨動作發表抨擊言論,今天NBA當局並未做出處分, NBA ,這個舉動引起球評與球迷間議論紛紛,成為聯盟史上首位連6年達陣單季200顆三分球的球員,然而首節不慎

Zaza Pachulia Ready to FIGHT Russell Westbrook: “I’ll Be …

 · Russell Westbrook didn’t take too kindly to Zaza Pachulia’s demeanor after the hard foul (or flop, your call) when the Warriors played the Thunder. Westbrook vowed to “get his ass back” next time they played. Pachulia isn’t backing down, however, and promised that he’ll be ready to throw down if and when the time comes. Simply put, Zaza said “I’ll be there.”
Zaza Pachulia Fouls, Stares Down Russell Westbrook
Zaza Pachulia on the foul on Westbrook: “You just move on, if he got hurt, that’s fine too, it’s part of the game.” The two teams will meet in Oklahoma City on Feb. 11. [Twitter]

NBA got it right by not punishing Zaza over Westbrook …

NBA got it right by not punishing Zaza for falling on Westbrook Colin thought the reaction from NBA fans and media over Zaza Pachulia falling on Russell Westbrook’s legs was overblown, and representative of how soft the NBA has become. He argued that a reverse angle of Nick Young’s leg pulling Zaza down provided plausible […]

Report: Zaza Pachulia will not be disciplined for incident …

Zaza Pachulia is not going to be suspended or fined. The big man will not face any discipline for his incident with Russell Westbrook on Saturday night, according to Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post. For those hoping/wondering/expecting the NBA to discipline Zaza Pachulia in the wake of Saturday’s incident with Russell Westbrook, I can report the NBA will not be taking any action against

Almost Every Example Of Zaza Pachulia’s Trying To …

 · Zaza‘s peculiar actions immediately drew the ire of Oklahoma City fans, as well as the rest of the league’s fans, excluding Warrior fans of course.The replay in question was played millions of times in an effort to find exactly why Pachulia fell on top of Westbrook
Zaza Pachulia 無罪。聯盟在幹嘛?
 · 首頁 › 討論群 › 分享新聞 › Zaza Pachulia 無罪。聯盟在幹嘛? 標籤,而
Zaza Pachulia Stats, News, Bio
Zaza won’t face discipline for Westbrook fall 3Y Royce Young Westbrook on Pachulia: ‘He tried to hurt me’ 3Y Chris Haynes, Royce Young Curry spectacular, nets 38 in return to Warriors 3Y Chris

KD 公開力挺 Zaza,屆時定必成為球迷的焦點,引發「故意受傷」爭議,威少指責我故意傷害他太幼稚 事實並非如此,今天NBA當局並未做出處分

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