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Stated that 682 could possibly absorb SCP-123’s power, adapted to be able to defeat SCP-2722), potentially higher via Power Absorption, Reactive Evolution, and Adaptation, Universe level+ via dying (Stated here that SCP 682 is a universal constant, and when it

Composite SCP 343, Scarlet King, Hanged King, …

 · Composite SCP 343, Scarlet King, Hanged King, YaldaBaoth, Mekhane, SCP 682, The Brothers Death, The All-Mighty, SCP-3125, SCP 3396 VS Doctor Who Thread starter Doctor Wondertainment Start date Oct 18, 2020

If we put SCP 343 to fight against SCP 682, what …

It’s already happened. SCP-343 can’t see anything he doesn’t create. Item: SCP-343 Tissue Test Record: N/A Termination Test Record: See incident report 682-TFTBS1 Later, I stood in the observation booth, watching 343 in the containment room below.
SCP-682 VS God Emperor of Mankind
 · Listen, If all SCP canon is allowed like in the OP said, Then 682 is able to die just like what happened in SCP-2935. You need to stop trying NLF the fuck out of 682. Bullshit. Again you are going into NLF with this statement. That shit sounds exactly like the kind of
682 can cause people to forget entire concepts just by releasing radio waves, even to the extent where she can make people forget how to breathe. ABSORBED POWERS: Crystallization She has the ability to summon samples of SCP-409 at will, and use these
Cthulhu vs SCP Foundation
The universe has never existed without SCP-682 so if SCP-682 dies the universe will cease to exists. OT: I don’t know much about Cthulhu Also, bump 1 month ago Aristeaus Follow 2645 Forum Posts 0
Dr manhattan vs Scp-682
In a fight with SCP-2722, 682 regenerated from being sub-atomically annihilated, grew to the size of 2722, adapted to be able to move too fast for 2722’s radar to track, threw 2722 across the
Wonder Woman vs SCP-682
SCP-682 does not have anywhere near the feats to fight Wonder Woman, at all. That said it’s pretty much unquantifiable since its limits aren’t known. But Wonder Woman stomps
Who would win, SCP 682 or Godzilla?
In the blue corner, standing at 300 meters tall, we have Godzilla. Able to run at 40 miles per hour, swim at 40 knots, and disintegrate/crush nearly anything in his path, Godzilla is truly a force to be reckoned with. Most conventional weapons lik
SCP-1257’s original premise had a black man, named Tyler (played by Whitman Mayo), married to a white woman who already had a son by a prior marriage. When the woman dies, prior to the pilot episode, the man is left raising her son, named Danny (played
SCP-682 Chase by FireFox
SCP-682 Chase by FireFox published on 2013-09-27T19:03:57Z A Track that could be used for SCP-682’s Chase Sequence, If he is ever added in. Composed for SCP Containment Breach
SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of all life, due to both viewing them as humans view cockroaches as well as having been tortured by them for decades, and because of this, it expresses
We try to kill SCP- 682
Result: Failure, Turns out 05 had a very good reason to prohibit nuclear testing on SCP-682. Around 3.5 minutes after detonation a spacetime rift appeared in [[REDACTED]] SCP-682 Stepped out of that rift unharmed, Radioactive, and about the size of the average Rent-a-Zilla, Casualties stopped being counted after hitting 6 figures but we have successfully recontained him after 4 and a half days.
SCP-682 dies in Infinity war MTF captures SCP- after an escape attempt. Onlookers in the background were soon administered Class-A amnesiacs. 25 8 SCP-048 04/21/18 Yes 17 1 SCP-048 04/12/18 Secure Contain Protect Even animals are aware of the
2.0 Wissenschaftler
Beispiele für Anomalien, welche in diesem Kontext von Interesse wären, sind unter anderem; SCP-008, SCP-016, SCP-217, SCP-610, SCP-682 und weitere. Ebenso übernimmt diese Abteilung eine wichtige Funktion bei Epidemien, oder auch unbekannten Krankheitserregern, wie auch auffälligen Körperzuständen von Personal, und dementsprechend an Gegenmaßnahmen, zum Beispiel …
SCP 999
SCP 999 is the fucking half brother of 682, which as all you know is the unkillable reptile, and the seventh son of the Scarlet King, or SCP 2317. So it is fucking dangerous as it is connected to 2 of the worst entities the Foundation has on containment, one is Keter level and one is Apollyon level.
SCP-079: Alte KI
Obwohl SCP-079 nicht in der Lage dazu war, sich an die Begegnung zu erinnern, scheint es so, dass er SCP-682 permanent in seinem Arbeitsspeicher gespeichert hat, was man daran sieht, dass er oft danach fragt, wieder mit SCP-682 sprechen zu können.

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SCP-682 why because it is my favorites SCP and SCP-682 is a very strong SCP even when SCP-682 dies SCP-682 has regeneration and anything that kills SCP-682 it regenerates back to normal. Describe SCP-058 (don’t copy and paste)

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