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如果在判斷后執行很多代碼可以使用IF-ELSEIF-ELSE …

Powershell A little color in our ouput with If and ForEach …

Powershell A little color in our ouput with If and ForEach thrown in February 18, 2014 by The Urban Penguin We now have to get the the nitty gritty of scripting with PowerShell.
Conditional Statements
the statement block you provide. Then, it resumes execution at the end of the if / elseif / else statement list. PowerShell requires the enclosing braces around the statement block even if the statement block contains only one Tip See the sections
Breaking a nested ForEach in Powershell
Breaking a nested ForEach in Powershell might be challanging if you don’t know that you can use labels to point the script to another location. Normally, you will require to stop a loop when you’re comparing objects from different arrays and want to terminate the loop when they match.

使用 PowerShell 呼叫 MSBuild 建置專案-黑暗執行緒

一般要執行 MSBuild 指令,專注數據【精 …

條件判斷 大小關系 Powershell中的判斷語法和C++,標準做法是由開始選單找到 Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019 或 Developer PowerShell for VS 2019, 組み合わせられるんではないかなと考えます。 #その前に空の配列の作り方だけ。
PowerShell if und switch
Windows PowerShell PowerShell if und switch Windows PowerShell PowerShell if und switch if – elseif – else switch Kommentare:3 >> PowerShell Loops und Array Mit den Befehlen if, elseif, else und switch Bedingungen testen und falls diese zutreffen einen

POWERSHELL SWITCH VS IF: This Is What Professionals …

What is Powershell Switch statements Sometimes you have to process many single conditions. I’m sure that most of Powershell beginners users will choose IF-ELSEIF-ELSE statements. Here’s an alternative way to do this with SWITCH statements. Let’s check

[WORKING] PowerShell if-then Latest examples 2020

 · Here are some of the latest examples for PowerShell if-then. Use these for the latest examples in 2020 with Latest PowerShell. The above script will produce the below result. else block Note how the script in the else block is executed when the condition fails.
違い – powershell foreach ループ 抜ける Foreach-Objectでcontinueがbreakのように動作するのはなぜですか? (2 ) For-Eachオブジェクトはコマンドレットであり,continue / breakは適用されません
4. Looping and Flow Control
Unlike the foreach loop, the Foreach-Object cmdlet lets you process each element in the collection as PowerShell generates it. This is an important distinction; asking PowerShell to collect the entire output of a large command (such as Get-Content hugefile.txt ) in a foreach …

PowerShell 條件判斷和循環_KK 筆記,Java等高級編程語言有很大不同,If Else statement Powershell CSV - Stack Overflow
 · The Official Scripting Guys Forum! https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/9949cd01-3f7d-4ea8-8a6d-b1a30e60e8cc/powershell-foreach-with-if-loop Question 10
ForEach loop IF Else issues : PowerShell
I think someone lead you to a working solution. The core issue in your original post is that you are doing a foreach on the collection then using the collection incorrectly in the if statement. You should have used the other variable. So if there was an item, then it
Windows Powershell Foreach 迴圈
Windows Powershell IF-ELSEIF-ELSE 語句 Windows Powershell Switch 語句 Windows Powershell ForEach-Object 迴圈 Windows Powershell Do While 迴圈 Windows Powershell For 迴圈 Windows Powershell Switch 迴圈

[PowerShell] Name Parameters When Using ForEach …

 · Foreach-Object … finally-End I don’t know if any other PowerShell cmdlet has this little quirk, especially since I haven’t finished the book yet. It would be interesting to see what does though. I do know that it would have taken one metric tonne of testing to figure this

Powershell IF-ELSEIF-ELSE 條件 – PowerShell 中文博客

Powershell IF-ELSEIF-ELSE 條件 5 2012年1月18日 在 Powershell 標簽 Powershell教程 / 條件 / 語句 來自 Mooser Lee Where-Object 進行條件判斷很方便, 而這兩個環境跟一般命令視窗的差別在於

PowerShell ガイド:foreachでif

foreachとifがわかったら(わからないひとはリンク先のforeachとifを復習),ループではないため,powershell并不使用>,<,==,!=來判斷大小相等關系。而是使用-eq,-gt 等方式判斷。主要記住是單詞的縮寫就很好理解(equal, greater than) C++ Powershell English &gt
PowerShell Basics: Do While, Do Until Loop
PowerShell Loops Featuring Do.. While… Until PowerShell has a variety of looping structures to iterate instructions, this page focuses on the Do…While conditional construction. One of the key jobs in scripting is looping, let us see what each of the keywords ‘Do
If ( ) … elseif ( ) … else { }
commands_to_execute A PowerShell or external command to run if the condition is true. Notice the different styles of brackets used in this statement: the round brackets or parentheses( ) are always placed around the condition while the curly brackets or braces { } are placed around the commands_to_execute .

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