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pcm vs bitstream
 · Do I just assume that pcm over optical is 2 channel stereo, and that pcm over HDMI is surround? I am aware that the soundbar is 2.1 only, but I want to deliver the surround audio to it so that it has all that to work with when it’s mysterious “smart mode” decides how to interpret it.
Pcm vs bitstream
Pcm vs bitstream Bitstream vs. PCM for Audio – Which Is Better Bitstream vs.PCM – Side by Side Comparison . Both transmission methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but they don’t make one better than the other. In fact, if you’re going to use PCM and bitstream for the same audio format on the same speakers, the output you’re going to hear will most likely be the same
PCM and Bitstream: Which is more common?
 · Also pre HDMI there wasn’t a standard cable that could carry the larger data load of lossless codecs so these were developed along with HDMI for Blueray. BD players can be set to output in multichannel PCM so that the surround processing is done in the player or to let the surround system do the processing which is usually better given the cost difference.
Bit stream vs PCM on eARC
 · hdmi input I have bitstream vs PCM. Which is better? I’m not sure if I’m better off having the AppleTV4K or LG do the processing, or if possible, preferably my Bose soundbar. I’ve also got another setting called DTV (I’m guessing this is Digital tv), and have I
PCM or Bitstream via HMDI To TV?
 · This question has been puzzling me for a while, I know that if you set your player to bitstream it is meant for raw digital audio to an A/V receiver via coax or optical, but what happens when it is straight from your player’s HDMI output to your HDTV’s HDMI input, will the player’s bitstream
PCM or Bitstream?
 · XA2, usin’ Analog out to Yammy RX-V750 then out to B.I.C. Acoustech Cinema Series Front towers, rear surrounds, center and a 1000W sub. All the Low/no LFE talk over on the Transformers thread got me to lookin’ at some stuff, and, now, of course, I’m confused. Should I set the XA2 to PCM …
Bitstream vs PCM
 · CON: Audio quality may be lower Than PCM or Bitstream (audiophile) setups when you are using a receiver with HDMI or Optical input. RECOMMENDED USE: Recommended choice if you don’t have an HDMI supported receiver, but have a receiver with an optical input that can decode DTS.

Bitstream via HDMI from nVidia or AMD graphics …

 · Secondly, PCM isn’t how all audio is bitstreamed, there’s a fundamental difference between the two, hence why products like blu ray players and PS4s have PCM or bitstream options. I do care about audio quality, hence why I’ve asked the question about
PCM and Bitstream (TrueHD)
 · If the blu ray player is doing the decoding internally, all formats that are sent out to the AVR will be sent as PCM, this includes all flavors of dolby digital as well as DTS. If your player is capable of outputting bitstream over HDMI and your receiver can decode the

Dolby Audio over HDMI part 2: Signaling and …

To get the best sound quality out of a television or home theater system, it’s best if they receive a Dolby bitstream over HDMI. Additionally, there is NO way of sending Dolby Atmos over PCM over HDMI, so you have to send Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby TrueHD to get the Dolby Atmos experience.

PCM or Bitstream through HDMI ? Also how do I …

 · I am running a Pioneer SC-LX85 with a BDP-LX55 Blu Ray Player and as far as I can see it is best to run PCM through HDMI while using the PQLS function. The problem is I want to be able to display the surround sound format on my AV receiver, rather than just “PCM” which is what is displayed at
Bitstream vs PCM: What’s the Difference?
Blu-ray players have various output settings depending on how they connect to the AV receiver. If the connection is HDMI, then Bitstream and PCM are the favored audio output settings. Which you choose does not affect the audio quality of the sound system.
PCM oder Bitstream
Wenn Sie Ihren Player über HDMI an den AV-Receiver angeschlossen haben, stehen zwei Haupteinstellungen für den Audioausgang zur Verfügung: Bitstream und PCM (). Für die tatsächliche Audioqualität ist es nicht wichtig, ob Sie den Audioausgang über HDMI zu PCM oder Bitstream konfiguriert haben ( 11 ) .

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Bitstream Mode: HDMI device will output AC3, Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1, which will be extracted and routed through its optical audio output. LPCM 7.1CH Mode: all 3.5mm ports output 7.1CH analog surround sound. Optical port outputs PCM digital stereo. This HDMI
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PCM VS Bitstream, wat is het beste voor Blu-ray …

PCM versus Bitstream – de verschillen Laten we nu ter referentie eens kijken naar de verschillen tussen PCM en Bitstream. U kent de functionaliteiten van PCM en Bitstream al goed, zodat u de verschillen gemakkelijk kunt begrijpen. PCM
LG BH6220 Surround Sound – PCM Or Bitstream?
 · I have my Blu Ray player connected to my sky plus box using a HDMI lead & an Optical cable. When watching sky i have the Blu Ray set to optical out but which is the best sound setting to have the optical set at; The options are PCM PCM Multi Channel DTS Re-Encode Bitstream.
Bitstream or Linear PCM setting for PS3?
 · It depends on which audio format you are using. PCM will send Uncompressed Audio via HDMI. Bitstream will send the encoded DTS, DTS-MA, Dolby Digital, D-Digital Plus, D-TruHD to the Onkyo 605 for decoding.
Bitstream oder PCM für Audio
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) und Bitstream sind zwei Industriestandards für das Senden von Audio vom Player oder Sender zum Receiver oder Lautsprecher. Es ist wichtig zu wissen, welche dieser beiden Funktionen besser ist, da die richtige Audiokonfiguration dazu beiträgt, mehr aus …

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